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I help ladies like you, to create systems and implement strategies for a sustainable and scalable business through my monthly coaching and training programs.

Are you ready to build the business business of your dreams without working 24/7? 


Hi, it's lovely to have you here.

I'm Kirsty Gibbs.  A teacher, turned tutoring business owner, and now coach to women starting and growing their own tutoring businesses to create the lifestyle they desire.

I have successfully created multiple educational businesses, and developed the 'Tutoring Business Framework' which allowed me to run a profitable business, whilst still having time to enjoy the other things I love. 

Now I want to share that knowledge and framework, along with my years of industry-specific experience, with you!

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Are you a teacher or tutor in business?

Are you plateauing in your business?  Have you booked up all of your contact hours, and reached your maximum ceiling income?  Have you got a business that requires you to be 'on' all the time and doesn't allow for you to step back and doesn't give you the freedom that you thought it would?

Maybe you need to hire staff, but you don't know how to best go about it?

If this is you, I feel you.  I have been in all of these situations at some point during my time in business.  The good news is, you don't have to struggle with this anymore.

I'm here to show you HOW you can grow your business and get results.  How you can increase your impact, increase your revenue and create more flexibility and freedom in your life.

Check out my Tutoring Growth Membership to help get you started, or my Mastermind 'Employee to CEO' if you're really ready to take yourself and your business seriously.


The Tutoring Growth Membership

The monthly coaching program with industry-specific trainings, that shows you the exact path to take, as well as how to create systems and implement strategies for a sustainable and scalable business.

This membership has been specifically designed for tutoring and educational business, by someone who has the industry experience.

Members can expect to take their businesses to the next level with increased revenue, improved profits and a business that is automated, organised and has simple (but effective) systems.

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Employee to CEO - The Mastermind

The high-level, high touch-point mastermind has been designed for women who have been in business as the 'employee' and are now ready to take themselves and their businesses seriously, and become the CEO - the boss!

With a focus on my 4 'CEO Pillars': Money, Marketing, Mindset and Management, inside of this mastermind you can expect to be challgned, supported and help accountable.

You can also expect to learn how to take your business as it currently is, and turn it into a well-oiled, high serving, multiple revenue making machine!


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Client Love

I have worked with Kirsty on a number of occasions within my tutoring business, Breakaway Tuition. The experience that she has had developing her own tutoring businesses, meant that she has been in the exact same place that I have on a number of occasions.

It makes a difference to work with someone who has been in the same industry as you and completely understands the nuances that arise. Her professional, down to earth advice has allowed me to continue to grow my tutoring business as I have moved through each of the stages of business growth and development.

If you are considering opening or scaling up your own tutoring business, I would definitely recommend you enrol in this wonderful opportunity with Kirsty.

- Alysha Griffiths

I was just like you...

I left the classroom over nine years ago to pursue my dream of running my own business.  For me the joy I used to get from the classroom just wasn't there anymore, and I had this desire to 'do something more', but I still wanted to be able to make an impact.  I still wanted to help my students. 

I really enjoyed working with kids and I LOVED teaching, but there was something about the classroom and all of the other 'admin' that just took the fun out of being in that school environment.  

So, in 2011 I took a massive leap of faith and leased a premises on the Gold Coast and created my first 'bricks and mortar' business.  It was the most exciting and terrifying thing I had ever done, and it completely changed the trajectory of my life!  Not long after I had a second centre in Northern NSW and I also developed a brand new product-based business, that gave me an insight into the world of online marketing and business.

I am a big believer that you need to create a business (and not just another 'job' for yourself), so over the years I developed the Tutoring Business Framework, which allowed me to step back from my business, but continue to make an income while my business continued to do its thing.  Yes, I still had to work, but it was on my terms and I was able to spend that quality time with my young family, that I so eagerly treasured.

I now use my framework and knowledge to help other teachers and tutors, who are also wanting to turn their passion and skillset into a profitable and flexible business.  Whether it's as a tutoring business or as on line course or membership, I help women create and grow scalable businesses.

I work with women who are committed and ready to take the next step and change their current situation, to live a life by design.  A life that brings them joy and a sense of fulfilment, whilst still allowing them their family time and more freedom to do what makes them happy.

I work with women who are serious about growth in their business and prepared to do the work and reap the rewards, and I absolutely love it!

Kirsty Gibbs - business coach and mentor

Running a 6-figure tutoring business is a possible reality, not just a pipedream

The flexibility

Run your own business on your terms, choosing your own hours, location and even pay!

The freedom 

Teach your students the way you believe is best.  You are in control of how your students learn and how/what you teach them.

The lifestyle 

Design your business to suit the lifestyle you desire.  You CAN have your own business and live the life you want.


What People Are Saying:

Julie Moore

"Finding Kirsty has been the best thing to happen for my 10 year tutoring business.  She has helped me immensely to turn my small business into a larger one, and helped me see the possibilities for the future."

Nicola Jarvis

"Kirsty, sharing her experiences as a mum, teacher and business owner has been invaluable in my business progress. I feel supported and motivated by her. Thank you!"

Janelle Ryan

"Kirsty answers all my questions and supports us with all our new or old business ideas/ventures. I would not have implemented half the things I have without her support."

If You Don't Implement Strategies and Follow a Success Path, You are Setting Yourself up For Failure.

If you don't take your business seriously and learn how to 
implement systems, action plans, processes and automations, you will remain working only IN your business..

and always working IN your business, keeps you stuck, and 'stuck' doesn't give you that financial freedom or extra time with family and friends - it doesn't allow for growth.